Insurance appraisals are for Retail Replacement Value. They are intended to represent the value it would take to replace the whole collection quickly in the event of a major loss. Winston Art Group can be engaged for insurance appraisals by …
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Damage or Loss

Winston Art Group can be engaged for damage and loss appraisals by the owner of the property, by the insurance broker or by the insurance carrier. If requested, Winston Art Group can advise on the restoration, sale and replacement of …
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Donation appraisals are for Fair Market Value. Winston Art Group donation appraisals are delivered to clients with an 8283 tax form, and can be submitted to the IRS to obtain appropriate tax deductions. For clients who have works of art or …
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Family Division

In the event of divorce, Winston Art Group will prepare an inventory report or a Fair Market Value or Marketable Cash Value appraisal to aid in the division or sale of personal property. Winston Art Group also provides divorce liquidation services, assisting …
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Art as Collateral

Winston Art Group will prepare a certified Fair Market Value or Marketable Cash Value appraisal of personal property to be used to facilitate a loan using art and collections as collateral. Loans using art as collateral can be used to …
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Estate Planning and Estate Tax

The Fair Market Value estate planning or estate tax appraisal document aids in decision-making as it pertains to equitable division of estate property among heirs and beneficiaries. As an independent art appraisal firm, Winston Art Group’s appraisals for estate tax …
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