Damage or Loss

In the event of damage or loss, Winston Art Group can provide pre-loss, post-loss, post-restoration and loss-in-value appraisals to aid the insurance claim process.



  • Winston Art Group can be engaged for damage and loss appraisals by the owner of the property, by the insurance broker or by the insurance carrier.
  • If requested, Winston Art Group can advise on the restoration, sale and replacement of lost or damaged personal property. For more information, please┬ácontact Elizabeth von Habsburg at vonhabsburg@winstonartgroup.com or 212.542.5755.
  • Typically, our appraisers inspect the property in person and then return to the office to conduct market research. In some cases, we are able to complete appraisals without an on-site inspection, from provided images, description and documentation.
  • Appraisal documents are available in both hard copy and digital formats, and are easily accessible through our interactive collection management system. The appraisal document includes color digital images and full catalogue descriptions for each item, with values supported by appropriate market comparables.
  • Appraisals for damage or loss are billed on an hourly basis.
  • To provide a quote for a damage appraisal, we need an identification of the damaged work(s) and a description of the damage that occurred.