Divorce Liquidation

In the event of family division, Winston Art Group can document, appraise, and facilitate the sale of joint personal property.

Winston Art Group is offering remote advisory services at this time along with in-person and virtual inspections, available nationwide. If you are interested, please contact Jack Mur at mur@winstonartgroup.com or Charlie Manzo at manzo@winstonartgroup.com.

Winston Art Group has extensive experience assisting clients with liquidation needs of collection of all types of fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles, including in the event of family division. To ensure equitable distribution of property in divorce proceedings, Winston Art Group can…

  • Prepare an inventory report, a Fair Market Value appraisal, or a Marketable Cash Value appraisal to assist in the property division decision-making process.
  • Facilitate the processing of selling some or all of the collection by identifying the most appropriate venue for sale for all types of marital personal property
  • Oversee the sales process from start to finish –¬†this includes soliciting sales proposals from primary and secondary market sources, negotiating the most advantageous terms of sale, and assisting with all logistical matters concerning documentation, valuation and sale of the collections.