Collection Management Overview

Winston Art Group’s boutique Collection Management department offers a range of specialized services individually tailored to help maintain and manage collections of fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles. We work with our clients to customize a suite of services to meet needs in three core areas: strategic planning, preservation and care, and valuation services.


Strategic Planning

We help clients plan ahead and support the development of their collection through inventory, authentication, customized software, and estate planning. We also coordinate with artist foundations, artists estates, museums and archives, and corporations on loans, donations, deaccessioning and acquisitions.

Preservation and Care

We ensure that collections are kept in the best conditions by providing annual condition inspections and reports, facilitating conservation treatments, and overseeing framing and shipping logistics. Please click here for more information.

Appraisal Services

We provide appraisal reports for all purposes, including insurance, art as collateral, damage and loss, estate tax and estate planning, donation, and family division. Our specialists act as expert witnesses, and we support our clients in matters of bankruptcy, litigation, and arbitration.