Corporate Collections

Winston Art Group can assist companies of all sizes in building, managing and selling their collections of fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles.


Building a Collection

  • For companies who would like to build a collection, Winston Art Group will work with the client to create a targeted and uniquely curated collection that will reflect the company’s values, foster inspiration among employees, or meet other intended goals for the specific corporate collection.
  • Winston Art Group’s advisory team will identify works and artists for inclusion in the collection, and advise on price, quality and condition of each piece.
  • We will also source commissioned work, if desired. Our advisors recognize the value of shared feedback on art and actively seek to make the process of building a collection an educational opportunity for the company.

Managing a Collection

  • Winston Art Group’s team of appraisers and advisors has the knowledge to properly care for collections of fine art and other collectibles.
  • Our team can oversee framing, cleaning, restoration, or conservation. In addition, our advisors can organize and oversee shipping and installation, as well as help our clients with lighting style and installation, professional photography, marketing, and promotion of a corporate collection.
  • Our Appraisal department can lend ongoing support to ensure appraised values remain up-to-date for insurance and for financial planning.

Selling a Collection

  • For companies looking to sell some or all of the works in their collection, Winston Art Group can help with liquidation.
  • Winston Art Group is uniquely positioned to impartially advise on every step of the sales process. Winston Art Group will provide market analysis and advise on where, when, and how to sell to maximize return.
  • We will solicit sales proposals from primary market and secondary market sources, and will negotiate on behalf of the client to secure the most advantageous terms of sale and financial packages.
  • Winston Art Group will compare and review competing sales proposals and manage the sales process with consistent client communication from a single point of contact.
  • By leveraging our deep relationship with players in the market, Winston Art Group has access to preferential terms at auction and competitive sales solutions in all collecting categories.
  • Working with Winston Art Group ensures complete client confidentiality.