Winston Art Group prepares inventories with photographs and full cataloguing detail of each item to assist in organization and management of collections

Winston Art Group’s Collection Management department is offering remote assistance at this time to help maintain and manage collections. Onsite visits are available on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested please contact Ashley Farrell at

If you wish to have a photographic and descriptive record of your collection of fine art, decorative art, jewelry or collectibles, Winston Art Group can prepare an inventory document.

  • Inventory documents include color digital images and full catalogue descriptions for each item
  • Report can be customized and sorted according to the client’s specifications (i.e by collecting category, by location)
  • Available in both hard copy and digital formats.
  • Winston Art Group’s bespoke Collection Management System can also be combined to provide a fully immersive, and easily updated, record of your collection. Learn more about Winston Art Group’s Collection Management System.