The Most Interesting Trends in the Art Market: Elizabeth von Habsburg June 2022 Interview with Credit Suisse

Managing Director Elizabeth Von Habsburg spoke with Credit Suisse to answer the most pressing questions surrounding art market trends today. During a period of major technological development, geopolitical turmoil, and a global pandemic, the art market faces major influencing factors. Elizabeth Von Habsburg offers her expertise through this special interview to explain how these changes will affect buying, selling, and valuation of art, as well as what collectors can do to mitigate their risk and navigate the evolving situation.

The Winston Managing Director also goes in-depth on the status of NFTs and their future on the art market. As a novel and volatile concept, Von Habsburg advises readers on the risks involved in purchasing and selling NFTs.

“We often ask collectors if they would buy stocks or real estate or a business venture without
independent rational due diligence, and remind them that buying art is a similar proposition. All
this having been said, however, we always encourage clients to buy works that they love, have an emotional connection to, or that they find engaging. The works may not always be beautiful and may be disturbing, confusing, or complex, but they have qualities that are compelling and connect theĀ  collector emotionally to the work of art.”

-Elizabeth Von Habsburg, Managing Director of Winston Art GroupĀ 

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Elizabeth Von Habsburg Credit Suisse Interview June 2022