April 12, 2022
April 12, 2022: Elizabeth von Habsburg, Managing Director of Winston Art Group, and Nanne Dekking, Founder of Artory in ArtNet’s Spring 2022 Intelligence Report

This just released ArtNet News report notes the biggest takeaways from the market’s performance in 2021 and insider tips on how to get ahead in 2022. Elizabeth von Habsburg, our Managing Director, is quoted on page 32.

“Everyone has been talking about art as an asset class for so long, but now it’s really happening,” said Elizabeth von Habsburg, managing director of Winston Art Group. “People are seeing that it’s a financial instrument for better or for worse. They realize there’s more they can do with art than buy it, hold it, or loan against it. They are making the pie bigger.”

Additionally, Winston Art Group and Artory have teamed up to create unique art funds by “combining Winston’s expertise in authentication and due diligence with Artory’s facility with tokenization and fractionalization to transform physical artworks into robust, accessible financial products that appeal to investors in crypto and real alternative assets alike.”

To access the full report click here.

Artnet News Intelligence Report Spring 2022 Cover