How often should art be appraised?

It depends completely on the type of art in question. For some types of art, we recommend updated appraisals as often as every six months. For other types of art, appraisals can last several years without needing to be updated. …
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Does Winston Art Group provide loans using art as collateral?

Winston Art Group does not provide loan capital. Winston Art Group provides appraisals which can be used by the lender to determine the size of the loan. For clients looking to obtain a loan using their collection as collateral, Winston …
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Can Winston Art Group authenticate art?

Winston Art Group specializes in appraising and advising on the purchase and sale of works of art. For authentication, Winston Art Group specialists know who to contact and can facilitate the authentication process on behalf of the client. The authentication …
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Does Winston Art Group prepare inventories?

Yes! Winston Art Group prepares inventory reports, which include color digital images and full catalogue descriptions for each item. Inventories are available in both hard copy and digital formats, and are easily accessible through our interactive collection management system. Inventories …
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