I just want to know what a piece in my collection is worth, but I don’t need a formal appraisal document. What can I do?

Winston Quick Quote! This online service provides a Fair Market Value estimate for $100 per item. Visit to upload images, dimensions and description of your item. You will receive the Winston Quick Quote report within five business days of …
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How often should art be appraised?

It depends completely on the type of art in question. For some types of art, we recommend updated appraisals as often as every six months. For other types of art, appraisals can last several years without needing to be updated. …
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Why does an appraiser request to review bills of sale and GIA certificates?

In most appraisals, past sale records will play a pivotal role in the appraiser’s research process. If the client can make bills of sale available to the appraisers, it reduces research time and therefore reduces appraisal cost. Jewelry appraisers can …
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What makes an appraiser qualified to appraise fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles?

A qualified appraiser has an in-depth knowledge of the primary and secondary markets for the particular collecting style being appraised. He or she should have an academic background in the collecting category, as well as at least 10 years of …
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Does Winston Art Group have a minimum property value for appraisals or advisory?

No. Winston Art Group appraises and advises on property at all price points.

Does Winston Art Group provide loans using art as collateral?

Winston Art Group does not provide loan capital. Winston Art Group provides appraisals which can be used by the lender to determine the size of the loan. For clients looking to obtain a loan using their collection as collateral, Winston …
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How are appraisals billed?

Appraisals are billed on an hourly rate – for specialist time on-site and research, travel time (if applicable), and document production time. Out-of-pocket expenses and appraisal mailing costs are also recouped.

What is the benefit of obtaining an appraisal from an independent art appraisal firm?

Independent appraisers, like Winston Art Group, have no financial interest in the property they are appraising because they do not buy or sell the subject property. Auction houses and dealers/galleries also oftentimes offer to appraise for clients. However, because their …
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Can Winston Art Group appraise property which is not located in one of the cities where Winston Art Group has an office?

Yes! In some cases, appraisals can be completed from provided images and descriptions. Winston Art Group appraisers also travel frequently. If you are looking for an appraisal of fine art, decorative art, jewelry or collectibles located somewhere beyond a city …
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Can Winston Art Group authenticate art?

Winston Art Group specializes in appraising and advising on the purchase and sale of works of art. For authentication, Winston Art Group specialists know who to contact and can facilitate the authentication process on behalf of the client. The authentication …
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