Why do I need an art advisor?

The art market is the largest legal economy to be almost completely unregulated. Fakes and forgeries, inflated prices, undisclosed condition issues, and lack of clear title are some of the pitfalls art buyers can face and from which they are …
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Does Winston Art Group have a minimum property value for appraisals or advisory?

No. Winston Art Group appraises and advises on property at all price points.

What is an art advisor?

An art advisor is an art market specialist who provides advice to inform clients’ decisions when buying and selling art. For clients acquiring art, this includes sourcing particular works of art for the client, providing market insight into price, quality, …
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How are advisory (acquisitions and sales) services billed?

Advisory services are typically billed on a commission structure. However, in some cases, it is more appropriate to bill on an hourly basis. If you have questions as to how a particular advisory project would be billed, please contact Elizabeth von …
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Can Winston Art Group authenticate art?

Winston Art Group specializes in appraising and advising on the purchase and sale of works of art. For authentication, Winston Art Group specialists know who to contact and can facilitate the authentication process on behalf of the client. The authentication …
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