Collaboration in Bermuda

Winston Art Group is delighted to collaborate with Nicholas Lusher of The Lusher Gallery LLC to offer art advisory services in Bermuda. Nicholas is the foremost specialist of Bermudian fine and decorative art. With family roots in Bermuda tracing back to the 17th century, Nicholas has dedicated his career to the Bermudian art market. Before establishing The Lusher Gallery LLC, Nicholas operated to successful brick-and-mortar galleries in Bermuda, contributed as writer toThe Mapping of Bermuda, and served as Trustee at both the Bermuda National Gallery and theBermuda Society of the Arts.



Left: Charles Abel Corwin, Hummingbird Feeding on an Orchid, oil on panel
Center: A Navette-Shaped Nutmeg Grater, c. 1801
Right: Boris Artzybasheff, original vintage poster, circa 1948


As the largest independent art appraisal and advisory firm in the U.S., Winston Art Group is uniquely positioned to advise clients on the acquisition and sale of all types of fine art, decorative art, jewelry, and collectibles in the primary and secondary markets through dealer, gallery, private sale, and auction transactions. Winston Art Group’s advisory services include targeted worldwide searches, unbiased advice on condition, price, authenticity and quality, price negotiation on behalf of clients, and more. For clients looking to sell works from any collecting category, Winston Art Group experts will solicit proposals from primary and secondary sources, negotiate the most advantageous terms of sale and financial packages, provide access to preferential terms at auction, and serve as a single point of contact for all transactions.

Winston Art Group and Nicholas Lusher are thrilled to be on board together to coordinate and assist with acquisitions and sales in Bermuda. Nicholas will continue to operate independently in his traditional areas of dealing in all manner of Bermuda and Caribbean-related works of art, and Winston Art Group will continue its traditional services outside of Bermuda. However, for Bermudian and Caribbean clients, Winston Art Group is now delighted to offer collaborative services and support of a local leading expert to assist with acquisitions and sales with the backing of Winston Art Group’s appraisal, advisory, and collection management departments.

If you have any questions about Winston Art Group’s offerings in Bermuda or for Bermudian and Caribbean works of art, please contact Claire Brown at¬†or 212.542.5755