Artory/Winston Featured in Forbes Article on Fractional Art Investment

In an article published in Forbes, Alexandra Bregman delves into how Artory/Winston’s joint venture, spearheaded by Nanne Dekking and Elizabeth von Habsburg, works to solve issues of opacity in art investment and, in turn, offer high-quality art investment products.

As Dekking states, “The greatest impediment to widespread adoption of digital assets is a lack of quality tokenized products supported by institutional-quality infrastructure”. Winston Art Group brings its traditional art world expertise to the sourcing and vetting of artworks for the joint venture’s investment offerings, and Artory’s industry-leading technology records Winston’s extensive due diligence onto the blockchain, where this information can serve as an immutable token of legitimacy behind each work. In turn, Artory-Winston’s investment offerings provide a transparent approach to art investment strategies, with Dekking and von Habsburg’s unwavering devotion to high-quality artworks and ethical art market practices at the center.

Artory and Winston Art Group Nanne Dekking Elizabeth von Habsburg



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