Retail Replacement Value (RRV)

The amount it would cost to replace an item with one of similar and like quality, purchased in the most appropriate marketplace in a limited amount of time. This type of value is used for appraisals for insurance coverage and …
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Comparative Market Data Approach

The most commonly applied approach when appraising personal property, in which appraised value is based upon past prices for similar works by the same artist or artisan, or similar works by another artist or artisan of equal standing and related …
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Secondary Market

Market offering works that have been sold before. This is typically an auction market or a sale through a gallery consignment.

Primary Market

Market offering artworks for sale for the first time. This is typically at a gallery or a purchase directly from the artist.

Art as Collateral

Winston Art Group will provide a Fair Market Value or Marketable Cash Value appraisal to be used by a bank or other lender to issue a loan using art, jewelry or collectibles as collateral.

Damage or Loss

In the event of damage or loss, Winston Art Group’s appraisals will assist the client, insurance company and/or insurance broker in handling the claims process. We can provide pre-loss, post-damage, loss in value, and/or post-restoration appraisals.

Insurance Appraisals

Retail Replacement Value appraisals to be used by insurance companies and brokers to bind insurance coverage.

Estate Tax & Estate Planning

Fair Market Value appraisals to be used to assist in planning for the future of an estate, to be submitted to the IRS for estate tax purposes, and to aid in the decision-making process as it pertains to equitable division …
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